Menace RC Invader Patch Antenna 5.8Ghz


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The Menace RC INVADER antenna is a small compact receiving patch antenna.

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The Menance RC INVADER antenna is a small compact receiving patch that packs outstanding performance when paired up with a circular polarised clover skew style transmitter antenna.



Circular Polarized for right hand. (RHCP)
Spironet Compatible.
Compact low profile design on your goggles
Designed for base stations or goggles (with the furiousFPV Diversity Receiver)



Frequency Range: 5645 – 5945 Mhz
Gain: 6.5 dBi
Beam Width: 150° at -7db, 120° at -5db, 90° at -3db
Right Hand Circular Polarised (RHCP)
SMA Connector (Fits Fatshark Goggles)
Dimensions: 45mm x 41mm x 16mm
Weight: 11grams



The Invader patch has performed excellent. On 25mw at weekend racing it was just as good as my vas crosshair on the course. today im flying low to the deck a hell of a long way off behind hedges, still excellent. they are a sure bet – Russell Cleaver – Fatshark Goggles


Patch is ace coupled with a CP very very impressed can get behind buildings and a far distance with the combo. Tried it indoors at the helicopter museum – no loss or multipath at all. Jared Hornsby – HillBilly Hotquads – Skyzone Diversity goggles.

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