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The Armattan Chameleon Ti Titanium is the evolution of the all time favorite Chameleon with state of the art design and upgraded materials and with Armattan's legendary lifetime-warranty and you can choose between 5 or 6 inch

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The Armattan Chameleon Ti Titanium is the evolution of the all time favorite Chameleon released by Armattan back in 2016. The experience together with the lessons learned with the community feedback and suggestions let to this revised state of the art freestyle FPV frame Chameleon Ti by Armattan.



Upgraded in strength carbon fiber we worked on recently for the Rooster and now also default on the Armattan Chameleon Ti

  • Lighter and easier to build
  • Incredibly tough Ti titanium FPV cage and the metal of the cage was also stretched from 4x4mm to 6x2mm to allow for the use of M3 hardware.
  • Less bolts and no more M2 bolts but for increased durability all M3. 
  • Better VTX and Receiver mounting solutions for SMA and antennas.
  • Better out of the box mounting options for 3D printed parts. 


Now you can choose between the unibody (Chameleon Ti) and modular (Rooster) versions of our latest Titanium flagship models. 



Package Included:
2 x Camera-cage braces

5 x 4mm button-head M3 bolts
8 x 6mm button-head M3 bolts
6 x 10mm button-head M3 bolts
3 x 12mm button-head M3 12.9 grade steel bolts
5 x 16mm button-head M3 bolts
6 x 8mm M2 cup-head (camera) bolts

1 x 28.6 Front standoff (silver)
2 x Rear standoffs (black)

5 x 6mm standoffs
5 x nuts

Carbon Fiber:
1 x 2mm Top (LiPo) plate 
1 x 1.5mm HD Cam plate
1 x 2mm Rear VTX plates (Standard and TBS)
1 x 4mm Main plate 5 inch
1 x 4mm Shim plate

1 x Lipo strap
1 x LiPo foam pad
1 x HD camera foam pad
4 x Dog-bone landing pads
1 x Molded rubber SMA grommet (included with standard VTX plate)
3 x Molded rubber antenna tube mounts (included with standard VTX plate)

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