HQProp DPS 5”x4x3 PC Durable S 3 blade light blue

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HQProp DPS 5" x 4 x 3 PolyCarbonate durable S 3-blade propellers set (2 cw and 2 ccw propeller in a pack) light blue.

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€ 4,45


HQProp propellers specially designed for drone racing and freestyle FPV for the best performance.


Durable-S is more break resistant than conventional propellers.The material for this prop is polycarbonat thats makes the prop stiffer than the regular durable-s. Less flexibility means more maximum power but little bit less resilient to impact and skimming damage.

Perfect for max power racing when skimming or hitting an obstacle and you have better possibility to continue flying the non durable props.



Type : Multi-Rotor

Length: 5 inch

Pitch: 4 inch

Material: PolyCarbonat

Color: light blue

Hub ID: 5mm

Included :

Two CW propellers and two CCW propellers.