Gemfan Flash 4052-3 PC Tri-Blade Propeller Clear

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The Gemfan 4052 Clear has been designed as a high-speed propeller. The inverse vortex tip design helps to reduce blade tip vortex and the light weight of the propeller means it has a smaller moment of inertia and fast response time.

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Fresh from Gemfan's designers comes the amazing 4052 flash PC prop with unique vortex tip. Being made from PolyCarbonate means these props are super durable and lighter that previous props and provide a quicker spool up due to less inertia and on the flip side helping with active braking.



Type : Multi-Rotor
Length : 4"
Pitch : 5.2"
Material: PC
Mount: M5
Color: Clear



2 x CCW 
2 x CW