Gemfan Flash 5149-3 Blue

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The latest 5149 Blue competition racing prop and most anticipated prop from Gemfan.

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Gemfan 5149 Blue are designed for competition. light weight and durable with only 4.5g.

Better acceleration at low RPM when compared to 5152 Flash enhance the reaction at low speed. faster acceleration with more timely braking and less moment of inertia that is also POPO ** compatible!


** POPO® ("Pop On, Pop Off") is a new propeller quick swap system that enables mounting props to brushless drone motors in seconds with the push of a button.

POPO® props can be used on motors with or without the POPO system but with a POPO motor it eliminates the need for a prop nut and wrench to attach propellers to motors. A full set of 4 props can be removed and replaced in about 25 seconds without tools. Simplicity with race day pit stops.


Package included:

2 x 5149-3 Blue CW Propeller
2 x 5149-3 Blue CCW Propeller


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